Baja California

Governor from Baja California Marina del Pilar awards State Sports Award 2021

The governor recognized Baja California athletes

The state governor, Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, awarded State Sports Award to Paralympic athletes, coaches, and the most outstanding conventional athletes of the year. Given the opportunity, it was used to call attention to the results and compromise of the athletes that have exalted the State of Baja California.

In addition, from Mexicali, capital of Baja California, the representative awarded the state prizes to Juvenile athletes, referee-judge, and sports manager of the year, intending to recognize all the scopes involved in the national sport.

During the event, Marina Pilar recognized the award since the promotion of physical training culture and the practice of sport represent a constitutional mandate that commits the government to promote, activate and encourage their development for the benefit of the citizens.

The governor ratified her administration’s commitment to addressing the challenges faced by the State’s sports sector, from an integral vision of development of physical training culture and sports through a public policy that promotes the creation of a State System, whose scope considers physical activation, sports development and the most competitive sports vocation in the State.

It should be noted that the representative directed the director of the State Sports Institue, Lourdes Canez Martinez, to collaborate closely with sports organizations of civil society in order to create the State Plans for sports in Baja California and adaptative Sports, which has achieved .important distinctions at the international level.

For Marina del Pilar Avila Olmeda, the athletes of these sports disciplines demonstrate that effort and work, the professional practice, make a great example of pride.

Finally, he pointed out that the delivery of the state Sports Award represents the beginning of an exercise that reevaluates the role that the sport has in our State, giving it the social relevance it deserves.

Attendees of the event were the Mayor of Mexicali, Norma Bustamante Martinez, the Secretary of education, Gerardo Solis, the director of the State Sports Institute, Lourdes Canez, and Deputies Juan Manuel Molina, Julio César Vázquez and Montserrat Rodríguez.

VIDEO: Marina del Pilar va por una educación de calidad en Baja California


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