Minors are hospitalized in Tijuana due to their dependence on electronic devices

According to studies, only 20% of parents monitor their children's content

Nowadays it is more common for children to have a cell phone or any electronic device, so specialists urge parents to supervise the content that minors see and add restrictions, since the arrival of various platforms and their challenges have claimed the lives of several children around the world.

In view of this scenario, Dr. Israel Castro, Psychiatrist at the Hospital de Salud Mental de Tijuana A.C. explained that it is important to establish good communication with children at home and above all, to supervise the content they see. According to studies, only 20% of parents monitor the internet content their children visit.

He also pointed out that in the Mental Health Hospital in Tijuana there have been cases of hospitalization of minors because they cannot tolerate the restrictions of the hours and become irritable, depressive, violent, even aggressive, and they have even had up to 7 children hospitalized due to this condition.

According to the results of the National Survey on Availability and Use of Information Technologies in Households (ENDUTIH) it was revealed that 6 out of 10 Mexican children between 6 and 11 years of age have access to the Internet, meaning that virtually all infants use social media, hence the importance of adult supervision.

"These numbers tell us that the internet is being used and therefore can be a public health problem if we do not know how to control it. We must understand that there are certain classifications and they are not respected, neither in video games, nor in applications, Facebook says very clearly, children under 14 should not have this network, Instagram from the age of 16".

In view of the recent cases of children who have died as a result of a Tik Tok viral challenge, he explained that adults should take the matter seriously and not see it as a joke, since these challenges have caused the death of several minors in Mexico.

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