Taqueria delights Tijuana with its carnitas taco in flour tortillas

Its flour tortilla tacos stood out over the traditional corn tortilla tacos

"Carnitas La Monarca" is a taqueria established in Paseo el Rio, 3era Etapa del Rio, to be exact, next to Clinic No.1 of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS), chef Danny Betancourt went to this place to try 2 tacos, a traditional assortment taco (with buche, maciza and cueritos) which costs $19 pesos (one dollar) and another one of maciza with cuerito, this one comes presented in flour tortilla and is priced at $21 pesos ($1.10 dlls).

Assorted Taco

The first thing the chef pointed out was the size of the table tortilla, he commented that it is the smallest you can get but that the taco was rewarded by having 2 tortillas, plus it had enough meat. He added pico de gallo (chopped chile, tomato and onion) and a chile de arbol sauce with tomato that was a house recommendation.

When he tasted it he commented that the taco had a lot of flavor, he added that the texture of both the cuerito and the buche was soft and pleasant; however, the maciza was dry, for this, the humidity of the pico de gallo sauce helps a little with the overcooking of the meat. Danny added lime as the taco needed acidity due to the higher than normal salt level. He gave this taco a 6.5 rating.

Price: $19 pesos (one dollar)

Taco Maciza and Cueritos in Flour Tortilla

When this taco was given to Chef Betancourt, he noted the size of the tortilla compared to the previous one. He pointed out that it is quite rare for carnitas places to serve tacos in flour tortillas and even blue corn tortillas, he added that this is the reason for "Una Mordida Tacos Tijuana", to try the classics as well as any other local innovation.

The only compliment he added to the taco was an avocado sauce with cilantro which gives it the necessary touch of acidity and freshness. He assures that the flour tortilla complements all the ingredients of the taco quite well without being invasive. He gave this taco an 8.5 rating.

Price: $21 pesos (1.10 dlls)

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