A candle of Chef Anthony Bourdain, Baja California's Gastronomy lover, is out for sale

A candle of renowned chef Anthony Bourdain, who repeatedly considered himself a fan of Baja California cuisine, is now for sale

The Cleaver and Blade website has released a candle with the image of Anthony Bourdain, chef, writer and television host from the United States, with which it intends to pay tribute to his professional career.

The host was known for his deep love and appreciation for Mexican cuisine, mainly that of Baja California, a place he attended to record one of the episodes of his famous TV show "No Reservations".

But Chef Bourdain did not limit himself to visiting the region only once, previously in 2012, the chef had visited Tijuana, and instantly got enchanted with the great gastronomic flavor characteristic of the region. He even invited the public to stop seeing the municipality as one of the most dangerous cities in the world, since at that time the city was going through a wave of violence never seen before, and start recognizing it for its quality in the kitchen.

Among Bourdain's favorite places is the Tijuana restaurant 'Mission 19', which the chef even preferred over the variety of food places that exist in San Diego, California.

You can get the candle through the official Cleaver And Blade website by paying an amount of 18 dollars. According to the website, there are currently only 6 of them in stock, so you'd better hurry if you're interested in this offer, and the site also offers interest-free installments on purchases over $50.

Other favorite restaurants of the professional chef in Tijuana are Las Ahumadas, Terraza Vallarta, Tortas el Tribi, Kentucky Fried Buches and Sótano Suizo to mention a few.

Causing commotion and sadness worldwide in the gastronomic world, Bourdain committed suicide in 2018 and although it is said that the cause was depression, the reality is that nothing has been confirmed about the fact that led him to commit such an act.

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