Tijuana Mayor Karla Ruiz Macfarland unveils plaque in her honor in Morelos Park

Works are implemented to support the conservation of wildlife

For her support to the Wildlife Conservation Management Unit (UMA), Karla Patricia Ruiz Macfarland, Tijuana's Mayor unveils a plaque dedicated to her in Morelos Park.

During her speech, Ruiz Macfarland highlighted the efforts made by the head of the Municipal System of Theme Parks of Tijuana (Simpatt), Azahel Mercedes Puente Camarena, to achieve partnerships that translate into the wellbeing of the 35 species that the municipality is home to.

The mayor indicated that the park is a place where before there were many disagreements, but the work done has allowed the old confrontations to become alliances that lead the park to be a space of coexistence not only among users, but also among merchants.

For his part, Puente Camarena, thanked the work done by the municipal president to generate welfare and dignified spaces for the UMA, her sensitivity and effort to make animals a priority agenda item. In addition, the official acknowledged the tireless work of the mayor so that Tijuana can once again become that proactive city, with a view to growth and strengthening, through small daily actions, so that the inhabitants have a better city.

"In these months we have worked tirelessly to return a renovated lake to visitors, from its dock, where ducks, turtles and fish, can have a new habitat," said the official. "Also, the first digital catalog of the Simpatt nursery was created, where around 120 thousand plants of various species are produced annually, since we are the main supplier and donor in the city for schools, communities, delegations and workshops," she added.

In addition to the unveiling of the plaque, Ruiz Macfarland supervised the works carried out in the lake of Parque Morelos and released two turtles inside this space that has become a new habitat for these species, through the campaign "Donate a fish or a turtle".

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