Tijuana closes establishment during national holidays for not respecting sanitary protocols

Inspection operations continue in public places and street businesses

The Tijuana City Hall, through operations by the Inspection and Verification Department, closed a business in La Presa Abelardo L. Rodríguez, during the patriotic celebrations because it was not respecting the sanitary protocols imposed by the Secretariat of Health. In addition, four other establishments in different areas were sanctioned for lack of documentation to operate.

Municipal Inspection and Verification personnel reinforced the operations during September 15 and 16, due to the fact that commercial plazas, restaurants and bars held events to celebrate the Independence of Mexico, so they supervised the nine delegations to avoid agglomerations, since the city is in the yellow epidemiological traffic light phase in the COVID-19 pandemic.

The director, César Abraham Heredia Rodríguez, informed that on the night of September 15, a bar located in the La Presa Abelardo L. Rodríguez district was closed for not having the necessary documentation to operate, as well as for not respecting sanitary protocols; likewise, a cafeteria located in Playas de Tijuana was sanctioned.

In addition, fines were applied to a body shop and automotive paint shop in the Cerro Colorado district; a coffee bar and a liquor store in the downtown area, all of this, due to the lack of documentation to operate the businesses.

"It is important to remind citizens that we are in yellow epidemiological traffic light, so we must respect the guidelines established by the State Health Secretariat, to prevent a third wave of coronavirus, therefore, it is important to take into account the capacity in establishments, ranging from 50 to 75 percent, to use face masks, to apply antibacterial gel to customers, to take temperature and keep a healthy distance," stressed Heredia Rodríguez.

The official said that swap meets were also addressed, in which two fines were issued in the La Presa Este and San Antonio de los Buenos delegations, for not using masks; likewise, four more were applied in street businesses in Cerro Colorado, two in Otay Centenario and Playas de Tijuana, for the same reason, and only one for having an expired permit.

For this weekend, the Inspection and Verification Department will focus on swap meets, especially those with the highest number of active cases of COVID-19 and which are classified by state health as active zones: Lomas del Rio, Abedules, Torres del Matamoros and Gabilondo.

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