Marina del Pilar Elected Governor of Baja California addresses environmental issues with California authorities

Once in office, the newly elected Governor will initiate efforts to create the Secretariat of Environmental Protection of Baja California

As part of a working tour through different cities in the state of California, in the American Union, Baja California's Elected Governor, Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda, met with local, state and federal authorities, civil leaders, as well as business representatives, where various topics of her government agenda were addressed, giving special relevance to the environment, water, economic development and the consolidation of the Cali-Baja macro-region, where the inhabitants of both sides of the border will benefit from the coordination between authorities of both nations.

"The perfect formula to solve such an enormous challenge as the care and projection of the environment, especially to avoid the contamination of our rivers and aquifers, in addition to ensuring the water supply, is to listen and dialogue with the different government bodies on both sides of the border, with the private sector, with academics, with experts; and that is one of the main objectives of this working tour," she explained.

From her first day of meetings, the Elected Governor highlighted the importance of protecting the environment between Mexico and the United States, as well as looking for alternative sources of water for the communities, in view of the drought that the Colorado River is experiencing, since a reduction of its water for Mexico has been established as of January 2022.

Meeting between Elected Governor Marina del Pilar and the Lieutenant Governor of California, Eleni Kounalakis.

Another topic is the resolution of the pollution problems of the Tijuana and Mexicali rivers, addressing coastal pollution due to sewage, and special attention was given to air pollution in Mexicali, capital city of the State of Baja California.

On the other hand, the progress, challenges and opportunities of the construction and start-up of the Otay II Garita were discussed, and they also agreed to work on issues related to waiting times at the border crossing, and mobility issues around these international areas.

Likewise, she emphasized that starting in November, when she begins her term as Governor of Baja California, she will initiate efforts to create the Secretariat of Environmental Protection of Baja California, which was recognized even in the Capitol of California, one of the most powerful states in the American Union.

Working lunch with the President of the California Business Roundtable (CBRT), Robert Lapsley.

Among the relevant people with whom she met was Senator Ben Hueso, with whom she committed to strengthen important political issues in the binational environment, especially those related to the environment, avoiding contaminating the Pacific Ocean in any way, shared by California and Baja California.

Marina del Pilar Ávila Olmeda added that the environment and water supply are key issues to strengthen the future of our states, as they determine the welfare of the people and the development of new opportunities for business, trade, health and economic strengthening.

Among the activities that Elected Governor Marina del Pilar carried out during her work tour was a meeting with the congresswomen who are part of the Women's Legislative Caucus in California. She also met with California Senators. In addition, she met with the Lieutenant Governor of California, Eleni Koukoulakis, with whom she addressed the main issues of the binational agenda such as environment, economic development, border crossings and security.

Meet and Greet with the Women's Legislative Caucus at the California Assembly Floor and Elected Governor Ávila's presentation at the California Assembly Floor.

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