Sandunguera Brewing, the hidden gem of Tijuana's craft breweries

The brewery is known for its innovation and creativity

Photo by: Jag Durán

Located in La Gloria, right on the border between Tijuana and Rosarito, is the hidden gem of the region's craft breweries: Sandunguera Brewing Co.

It has been a little over a year since the company was founded by three young entrepreneurs who graduated from IBERO: Jorge Mendoza, Miguel Ángel González and Alejandro Mondragón.

Their love for beer led them to learn the techniques to brew this famous beverage that has turned Tijuana into the capital of craft beer thanks to its proximity to San Diego producers.

In an exclusive interview for San Diego Red we had the opportunity to speak with the brewery's partners who were celebrating an important event on a Saturday afternoon. Miguel Ángel González explained why they decided to name their company Sandunguera:

The name came thanks to the creativity of our partner and great friend Jorge Mendoza. The function of the word and the etymology came from the south of Mexico and also from Cuba, which means cheerful, partying, lively, saucy woman, and we wanted to take all that range of meanings, but in a lifestyle that represented our beer, our brand and our own people who come here to support us.

Alejandro Mondragón, who is in charge of the bar and part of the brewing process, specified which are his most iconic beers.

They are "Doña Pelos" and "Gus Gus", soon we will launch the canned "Doña Pelos" product and we will have it in different retail stores. "Doña Pelos" is a beer with mango and vanilla, very refreshing and very tasty due to its acidity and sweetness that is combined very well.

Noted for its innovation and creativity, Sandunguera is daring enough to brew unique beers by adding unusual and even exotic flavors, which is a clear differentiator from other products, giving it its very particular seal.

"The most interesting flavors we have used in Sandunguera have been a mixture of chapulin salt, seven varieties of chiles, piloncillo and Veracruz coffee," said Jorge Mendoza, its main founder.

Several trial and error tests after five years of experimentation and knocking on many doors led the boys to make their way in an industry that today is extremely competitive, however, for them every day is an adventure where they are achieving their goals step by step. Jorge recalled when that dream started to become a reality.

Sandunguera started to take off after we developed the recipe for our New England double IPA Canaria beer. It was a very good style, we had a great impact on the market and thanks to that, from that beer we had a very important growth.

Miguel Ángel talked about what the work represents for him and his colleagues in the day-to-day management of the brewery.

What pleases us to be here in Sandunguera is to have this experience with customers face to face, to see the expressions when they drink, it is something impressive and also enjoyable what you feel when your product is being tasted, sampled and at the same time enjoyed.

Materializing a quality product involves a complex process, but surrounded by the right elements results in a different craft beer that leads to a perfect sensory experience.

"A bigger part of the brewery is that when we produce the beer we do it with an atmosphere, moods and fun which we try to express in our beer, and that you yourselves have those flavors and emotions," explained Miguel Ángel.

With three different personalities, but with the same approach, the founders of Sandunguera recognize their own effort and are excited for all that is to come.

In closing, Jorge Mendoza spoke about what stands out most about Sandunguera:

Since we were born, and now that we have been growing, we have been characterized for being a brewery that wants to make a difference in terms of flavor. It is not only using the four traditional ingredients of beer, but always including that touch that makes the difference of who we are, and not only in beer and flavor, but also in the lifestyle.


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