Outbreak of coronavirus infection detected in manufacturing plant in Baja California

At least 60 people from this company have presented symptoms of COVID-19, said the Secretary of Health

The epidemiology department, the Baja California Health Secretariat (SSa) and the State Commission for the Protection against Sanitary Risks (Coepris) reviewed a manufacturing plant in the state this Thursday, after detecting an outbreak of COVID-19 infection, according to the SSa Secretary Alonso Pérez Rico.

He reported that not only the facilities but also the subsidiaries and the location of this company, which he did not indicate in which municipality it is located, will be reviewed.

"The company Unitech is being reviewed and will be reviewed in detail to see what happened".

Pérez Rico explained that this situation arose after patients began to arrive at medical units of the health sector and commented that in their workplace they were having many cases, and sick coworkers.

According to the Secretary of Health, it is said that there are approximately 60 patients from that company that are showing symptoms of COVID, so 100% of them are going to be studied, however about 30 have already tested positive. "Tomorrow we will present the evidence of what we have found", he added.

Finally, he said: "We ask companies and factory managers to please, this is not the time to be hiding suspicious cases. You come to us and we are not just going to close you down, we are going to help you to make your workers safer, what we want is not to have massive COVID cases".

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