Mayor Karla Ruiz Macfarland promotes economic reactivation in Tijuana

City Hall will help people those who wish to maintain or start a business through loans

The coronavirus pandemic has caused not only great human losses, but also economic losses: many businesses have had to close due to the sanitary measures and others have just, in the last few days, felt a relief after more than a year of struggle.

Due to this, the Secretary of Economic Development (Sedeti), has decided to collaborate in the economic reactivation of Tijuana and has invited Tijuana residents who plan to start a business to apply for one of the credits available to the City of Tijuana, headed by the Mayor, Karla Ruiz Macfarland.

This credit will also apply to those who are struggling to keep a business afloat. According to what was announced in a press release from the City Hall, the credits are "focused on people living in Tijuana, who carry out or wish to carry out productive activities".

Ayuntamiento de Tijuana
Ayuntamiento de Tijuana

According to the head of Sedeti, Gabriel Camarena Salinas, the objective of this is to help people generate or maintain an income for themselves and their families. He also took the opportunity to express that this is possible thanks to the Mayor's Economic Reactivation Plan.

In total, three credits will be granted:

1. Impulso al Autoempleo: will be for people who want to carry out productive activities focused on family support, that is, for those who want to start their own business. The applicant will be able to obtain up to 15 thousand pesos in loans, with a maximum repayment term of 18 months.

2. Strengthening of Micro and Small Companies: for companies that have been in business for less than one year. The maximum loan amount will vary according to the number of employees: from 0 to 4, they can obtain up to 50 thousand pesos in credit; from 5 to 10 employees up to 100 thousand; while with 11 to 30 employees they can obtain up to 200 thousand pesos in loan, with payment terms of 12, 18 and 24 months respectively.

3. Emprende tu Futuro: for those who want to start a business. The maximum loan amount is up to 80 percent of the project's total budget with a maximum repayment term of 24 months.

If you are interested you can enter this page shared by the Tijuana City Hall or call the following telephone numbers 973-7125 and 973-7036 of the Entrepreneur Attention Center.

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