COVID is winning the battle in Tijuana and Tecate

Currently one person with COVID-19 in these municipalities can infect two others

Photo by: Saira Peñaloza

The Effective Reproduction Rate (ER) for COVID-19, as of yesterday´s morning, is 0.84 in Baja California, which is favorable since the recommended level is below one, according to the head of the Secretariat of Health, Alonso Perez Rico.

However, at the municipal level, Tijuana and Tecate report a 1.05 and 1.22 respectively under this indicator. This means that one person with COVID-19 in one of these territories can infect two more, which worries the authorities.

"This means that the virus starts to win, if that effective reproduction rate starts to go up we are going to have an increase in active cases, an increase in hospitalized cases, an increase in cases of patients on ventilator, an increase in patients who lose the battle. We have to reduce the effective reproduction rate; and what is worrying is that Rosarito, Mexicali, San Felipe and San Quintin are showing a positive trend", stated Perez Rico.

So far the hospital occupancy indicator is stable at 11.08%, but the Secretary said that this could change if the ER continues to rise.

So far during the pandemic, 44 thousand and 94 Baja Californians have been infected with the coronavirus, of which 16 thousand and 89 are from Tijuana and one thousand 372 from Tecate. Regarding the 7 thousand 558 accumulated deaths, 3 thousand 357 occurred in Tijuana and 188 in the magical town of Tecate.

Today there are 452 active cases in Baja California, 210 of them in Tijuana, 127 in Mexicali, 52 in Ensenada, 32 in San Quintin, 17 in Rosarito, 13 in Tecate and one in San Felipe.

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