Vaccination sites have changed in Mexicali

Find out the three vaccination sites where the anti-COVID vaccine will be administered this weekend.

Although the head of the Secretariat of Health in Baja California, Alonso Perez Rico, said last Friday morning that the vaccination against COVID-19 for adults over 60 years old in Mexicali would be this weekend at the FEX, on the evening of the same day they announced the modification of the vaccination sites.

The head of this agency said that this change was due to federal authorities who have not sent the ultra-vacuum syringes, so now the vaccination sites will be the following three: Cecyte Plantel Xochimilco, Cobach Plantel Baja California and Centro de Salud Santa Isabel.

The number of vaccines to be applied will be a total of 3 thousand, one thousand 500 distributed on Saturday and one thousand 500 on Sunday, according to what was commented.

It is worth remembering that since Thursday different people in their cars were lining up outside the FEX facilities, after it was announced as a vaccination point. Authorities had even shared an outline of the FEX and how the entrance and exit of seniors interested in receiving the antidote would work.

Due to this, in the new vaccination points, the people who lined up at the FEX received a folio with which they will be able to attend such sites without having to wait in line, said the Secretary this morning.

It was also mentioned that on Monday the FEX could be used as a mass vaccination site, as long as federal supplies arrive. At the same time, another shipment of vaccines is expected to arrive in the state, with more than 40 thousand doses expected to be applied in this open-air site.

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