Baja California

COVID-19 infections have skyrocketed in recent days in Baja California

The last three weeks have shown a rise in infections in several Mexican states, as it has never been seen before.

In a statement to MILENIO, Arturo Erdely, Doctor of Mathematical Sciences at UNAM, shared the statistics of confirmed infections so far in the last 14 days, the incubation time of COVID-19 and where the first symptoms manifest.

It was announced that 9 entities have registered an impressive increase in coronavirus infections, being Mexico City, with a total of 56 thousand new infections, the most affected, quadrupling the amount of infections at the beginning of the month, which was 15 thousand.

It is followed by the State of Mexico, where the number increased from 4 thousand to 14 thousand and then Tabasco, an entity that was severely affected by the rains that are speculated to have contributed to the virus' dispersion, because the cases increased from one thousand 200 to 3 thousand, counting only the first week of December.

In fourth place is Baja California, where Erdely pointed out that its report on COVID-19 ''shoots up, it's like a vertical rocket, firing and that's what attracts attention,'' going from one thousand to 3 thousand infections in a few days. The other states that make up the list are Querétaro, which went from one thousand 200 to 2 thousand 500, Guanajuato from 5 thousand to 10 thousand, Hidalgo from one thousand 200 to 2 thousand 200, Jalisco from 2 thousand 400 to 4 thousand 300 and Sonora from 2 thousand to 4 thousand.

"These are cases confirmed in the last two weeks due to the period of infection, and going from one thousand to 3 thousand cases is very worrying, it tripled in a short time, tripling in two weeks is very alarming" - concluded the UNAM doctor.

Citizens are reminded to abide by the basic hygiene and prevention measures that health authorities have previously pointed out, as well as to avoid meetings and only go out for the essential supplies.

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