46 thousand deaths caused by coronavirus have been registered in Mexico

In Baja California there is a 50% capacity of beds with a fan

This Thursday, July 30th, only 60 days after the start of the "new normality" in Mexico and as it has been done every afternoon through 153 evening conferences, the update of the last 24 hours on the situation of the coronavirus in our country was released.

Dr. Hugo Lopez Gatell and the Head of Epidemiology, Jose Luis Alomia, were in charge of presenting these numbers:

Mexico has a total of 416 thousand 179 positive coronavirus cases of which it is estimated that there are 458 thousand 688 total cases, along with 50 thousand and 79 active cases.

The Mexican country has registered at least 7 thousand 730 confirmed cases of coronavirus during one day.

On the other hand, 46 thousand people have unfortunately died from this virus. There are also 90 thousand 582 suspicious cases and 272 thousand 187 have recovered.

The current hospital occupation in the country is 47%, the states with less hospital capacity continue to be: Nayarit, Nuevo Leon and Tabasco. On the other hand, in Baja California there is a 50% capacity of beds with a ventilator.


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