Rosarito: the town with less coronavirus infections in Baja California

San Felipe is the area with the fewest deaths caused by this virus in the region

Photo by: Composición creada con foto de fernando zhiminaicela en Pixabay y Gobierno de Playas de Rosarito

During the COVID-19 cases update, the head of the Department of Health, Alonso Perez Rico, informed that the region remains in 8th place nationwide with more confirmed coronavirus cases.

Meanwhile, during the last 30 days (from June 16th-July 16th) the state registered 575 COVID-19 related deaths, placing Baja California in number 9 nationwide of most deaths.

Up until this Friday, the region has 11 thousand 727 confirmed coronavirus cases, of which 6 thousand 292 belong to Mexicali, 3 thousand 434 to Tijuana, one thousand 176 to Ensenada, 266 to Tecate, 249 to San Quintin, 168 to San Felipe and 142 to Rosarito.

Despite that there are 4 thousand and 96 recovered Baja California natives, from which 2 thousand 504 are from Mexicali, deaths have not ceased in the state, they add up to 2 thousand and 286.

Unfortunately the majority of deceased patients are from Mexicali, with one thousand and 79, followed by Tijuana with 976, Ensenada with 138, Tecate with 69, Rosaitor with 13, San Quintin with 10 and San Felipe with 1.

Once again, the Head of the Department of Health, remarked that 52% of deaths by COVID-19 in Baja California are adults over the age of 60.




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