Welcome Back Baja: Rosarito is ready for your safe stay

If you want to get out of your comfort zone, without worrying, but with all the measures in place to deal with the health crisis, make sure you find hotels that follow the appropriate hygiene protocols during this situation.

Welcome Back Baja was born with this objective in mind. An initiative presented by Baja Californians interested in promoting this touristic and welcoming region from all angles.

For this Ramon Toledo, president and CEO of Buscacorp, along with Edrick Reyes, tourism expert; Alan Plascencia, restaurateur; Roberto Karlo, focused on communication and public relations; and of course Scott Koening, writer of Lifestyle and Gastronomy, joined to welcome foreigners and Mexicans to these lands.

Baja California is back and open for tourism, but of course, being in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, some places like hotels have to establish norms like sanitary filters, keeping a safe distance, as well as training for their staff to keep their guests safe.

In the Welcome Back Baja tour some Rosarito hotels were found to be following these and other sanitary measures for their visitors.

Hotel Festival Plaza

Following international, federal and state health standards, this hotel located in downtown Rosarito on 1207 Benito Juarez Boulevard, is ready to receive families, couples and groups of friends, helping them escape from the current situation without compromising their health.

This place trains its staff from the different areas, to execute the protocol and maintain it until the situation improves.

Hotel Festival Plaza
Hotel Festival Plaza

"We are in the process of getting certified so we can continue to treat you. And the most important thing, even with Covid-19 in our region, Hotel Festival Plaza never closed its doors, endorsed and supported by that protocol we implemented, because we were sure we were doing the right thing", mentioned Pedro Sánchez, Sales Manager of Hotel Festival Plaza.

Among the sanitary measures carried out by this hotel are:

1. Sanitary filters for guests and staff (Sanitized mat at each of its entrances and exit doors, temperature taking and application of hand sanitizer gel)

2. Protective equipment for all its employees: mouth mask, full mask, gloves and cap

3. Sanitization of rooms, common areas, railings and curtains, with a vaporizer

In the case of the housekeepers, they had specific training " for the washing and care of our linen. It is a special protocol, which logically takes, apart from washing, a certain time at a certain temperature during drying. Then we can be sure that the whites are being treated according to international standards, which is what the health authorities in Mexico have assigned to us," said Pedro Sánchez.


The Manager explained that sanitary filters are also active in the restaurants that are part of Hotel Festival Plaza, where the safe distancing between tables is maintained, digital and disposable menus are delivered, while silverware and napkins are given to the customer in plastic bags.

Finally, Pedro Sanchez invited the people of Baja California to follow the guidelines that the authorities in Mexico have set when being outside: "We know that at this time we all want to be outside, but we must do so in an orderly manner. In the case of Festival Plaza, we are prepared to assist both those who cross the border into our region and those who live in Mexicali, Tecate and Tijuana. And that they feel confident that at the moment they book a room with us, they will be covered through all those procedures already evaluated and certified to complement protocols already established by authorities".

Foto de Alejandro Fuentes
Foto de Alejandro Fuentes

If you haven't stayed in this hotel in Rosarito, we invite you to visit its social media or, if you are already one of their customers, you can make a reservation through its official pages or at the following telephone number: 661 612 29 50.

Hotel Las Rocas Resort & Spa Rosarito

If you prefer to be in a place far away from the downtown area of Rosarito, on the Ensenada-Tijuana Highway you can find the perfect hotel for these days in times of coronavirus.

Although the current pandemic forced the hotel Las Rocas to close for at least 2 and a half months, it has reopened with all the sanitary measures stipulated by health authorities, to welcome all those interested in visiting Baja California and its surroundings, like Playas de Rosarito.

In order to make their guests feel safe when staying here, the heads of each department at Hotel las Rocas have been trained so that the hygiene protocol in all areas is carried out and understood by each of their members.

In addition to this and for everyone's safety, guests must wear face masks, although as Mario Medina, executive chef of Las Rocas, mentions, "it's difficult because you come to enjoy, but while you're at the restaurant, the pool, the Jacuzzi, if there are more people you have to bring them, to respect other people".

Visitors must pass through a sanitary filter in addition to entering with face masks, which must be applied to all open areas, which consists of: a sanitized mat for cleaning and drying shoes at the entrance, temperature taking, application of antibacterial gel; signs on the floor to maintain a safe distance, as well as a limit on the number of people when requesting a room.

On the other hand, the 4 restaurants located in this hotel have their own process so that both in the preparation and in the delivery of food, these arrive in the safest way.

"We have a food corridor, the waiter only focuses on bringing the menu, we have it in QR and we also have it disposable. We are taking courses, the department heads, which we are also teaching to the waiters, cooks, and waitresses, to everyone," said Mario Medina.

The bar area is available for guests, although it is handled more like room service.

So the way you spend your quarantine is up to you, whether it's without cooking, in a pool, sunbathing or just getting lost in the beautiful ocean view from this hotel.

"Come and enjoy Baja California, especially Rosarito, we here in Las Rocas are taking everything very seriously so that you come and enjoy a fun weekend with us," concluded Mario Medina.

If you want to get away for a few days, you can book your stay at Hotel Las Rocas through their social media or by calling +1 866-445-8909.

If you have your business and want to be part of this list don't be afraid to contact us.

How is the "New Normal" treating you?


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