Living in Tijuana is 50% cheaper than San Diego

Due to the high cost of living, entertainment and health, some people from San Diego tend to cross to Tijuana so they can meet serve some of their needs.

And in the same way, people from tijuana also cross to San Ysidro to do their grocery shopping, cause they believe that they are better quality products. However, which city are cheapest to live?

Expatistan is a website that compares the cost of living miles of cities, making a breakdown of the prices of the different products and services of Tijuana and San Diego, allowing us to see where it is cheaper.

So, here we leave you a comparative list of the product prices in Tijuana(yellow color) and in San Diego(blue color), the prices are in dollar.


So, at issue of food, what suits you better to buy in San Diego are: Whole Milk, potatoes and wine (not really because of the taxes)


Is better to live in Tijuana.



That's why a lot of tijuanenses tend to cross to San Diego

Personal Care

For something, in 2019 Tijuana registered 47% of medical tourism from California.


That's why US citizen don't doubt to visit Baja California when an international artist comes.


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