Foreigners can process a temporary or permanent residence to live in Tijuana

If you want to stay in Mexico for a period of 180 days to 4 years, it is necessary that you process a temporary residence visa with the Mexican Secretariat of Foreign Affairs (SRE).

For this, you will need:

- Passport or a valid identity document

- A photography

- To prove your legal stay in the country in which you submit your visa application. This is done through the INM - Instituto Nacional de Migración (National Migration Institute).

- Payment for the visa issuance

- Submit documents proving financial solvency.

- Or a family bond with someone Mexican or foreign person who has the status of Temporary Resident.

If your intention is to remain in Mexico for more than 4 years, you must process a Permanent Residence visa, which requires all the requirements already indicated, plus a document that proves a retirement or pension. The fee cost for issuing a visa is $ 36 dollars.

Just the same spent on a simple meal or lunch in the United States.

For the researcher Araceli Almaraz, “the history of Tijuana is a history of migration” and is part of the local identity.

Throughout that history, Tijuana has been home to people of Chinese, Russian, Italian, Haitian origin, and of course Americans. This is why many of the city's icons have foreign influence, both the Caesar salad, of Italian influence, as the traditional Chinese food and the gastronomic movement that we now know as Bajamed, which is the result of combining Mexican and Mediterranean cuisines.

Source: MoveToTijuana


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