Facebook friend requests from attractive and strange people

You never know if it is a real or fake profile

Photo by: Photo by Glen Carrie #ux #photogrpahy #webdesign on Unsplash

Facebook users have reported receiving friend requests from sexy women to their accounts. Many of these profiles have pictures of girls in bikini or in sexy poses, but are they really real?

Some of the characteristics of these profiles are that they have been created recently, there are no friends in common and their photos are generic and recent.

An analyst at Kasperry, Vicente Díaz, told the newspaper El País that they are created by people or bots and aim to steal private information from those who accept them. And even they try to "hijack" computers by accessing all files.

How do they do that? When you accept them and receive a message that includes a video or link and, if you click on it, a malicious file is downloaded on your computer.

To avoid this, something very simple is recommended: don't accept people you don't know. "We think that nothing happens, because we have it there and we do not interact with them ... but we are always exposed to having all our information stolen by a link or downloadable file" says Manuel Ransán, cybersecurity expert at the National Cybersecurity Institute (INCIBE ).

Now that you know this, will you still accept requests from people you don't know? I don’t think so!


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