Every one wants to film in Baja California!

These are the 7 most popular locations!

Movies like Resident Evil, Extinction, Jumper, Titanic, Belzebuth, and many more have been filmed in different parts of Baja CA. This popular location has been the attention of many producers and filmmakers.

The head of SECTURE, Óscar Escobedo Carignan, highlights the success of the film production tourism sector. He points out that each year, a total of 70 films are made, both Mexican and international.

The majority are independent, they film different kinds of things like movies, to series, and documentaries

These are the local most popular in the region

Desert landscapes, like dunes and cliffs

  • Desert Landscapes like dunes.
  • Salty Lagoon.
  • Landscapes with cactus and dessert roads.
  • Lonely beaches and cliffs.
  • The Vineyards
  • Baja Studios.
  • The border between Mexico and United States.

From 2002 to 2018 there have been 1,200 productions and this year the number is expected to be higher due to being on the border with bilingual people, iconic places and accessible prices.

Vía La Voz de la Frontera



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