13-year-old boy arrested after telling Siri he was going to "shoot up a school"

The voice-activated iPhone assistant responded with recommendations for several schools around his location area

An Indiana 13, year old boy was detained and accused for asking Siri the virtual apple assistant that he was going to shoot up a school.

The 13-year-old is being held at the Porter County Juvenile Detention Center on a felony charge of Intimidation, according to a Valparaiso Police Dept the boy, who attends Chesterton Middle School, was visiting his family in Valparaíso, when he told Siri: "I’m going to shoot up a school".

As a result, Siri located schools around his location in Valparaíso police said.

The boy then posted the virtual assistant's reply on social media then prompted some of his followers to alert the authorities.

The Valparaiso police said that the 13-year-old boy had made no contact to any school system, any school, a specific person, and said that he had no access to weapons and that he had posted the picture on social media as a joke.

Police said that they did not believe that there was any credible threat made, but that it does take such communications very seriously. And are working closely to schools in the area to protect students and staff.

The 14-year old boy is also being held on a felony charge of intimidation, Valparaiso y Chesterton are continuing with investigations.

Vía BuzzFeedNews



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