Tijuana's Walk of Fame Adds World Renowned Author and Surgeon, Don Miguel Ruiz, to Its Ranks

The local author will receive this honor from Tijuana Innovadora

Photo by: Cortesía

"La Tijuana de sus amores" group will honor Mexican author and surgeon Don Miguel Ruíz , along 10 other prominent figures from the region as part of the 2017 generation of Tijuana's Walk of Fame, promoted by the Tijuana Innovadora movement.

Although a native of the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco, his parents made the decision to move to Tijuana when Ruiz was 5, and the border city welcomed the family with open arms until it became home.

Don Ruíz highlights three as his most important achievements in life: the first, a brain surgery he performed without the aid of his brother and tutor Carlos, which turned out to be a success; having written his book "The 4 Agreements," translated into more than 40 languages and an international bestseller that has surpassed the 10 million copies sold.

THAT on the professional side, since the third achievement is not only a more personal but also the most important one: "as a human being, having three very beautiful children; Don Miguel Ruiz Jr., Don Jose and Don Leonardo Ruiz," he said.

Currently, Miguel Ruíz has given a 180-degree turn to his life, as he has gradually begun to give fewer lectures, and now he's devoting himself to writing a screenplay for a movie.

He emphasizes that there are three "Tijuanas" he keeps in his memory: the Tijuana of the '60s, when he was a teenager and the city was safer and cleaner, with only about 75,000 inhabitants; the one with a million residents, where he served as a surgeon and grew his children; and the current Tijuana, a very dynamic and beautiful one.

To finish, Miguel Ruíz reassured that what he likes the most about Tijuana is its people; "A city that knows how to progress, how to overcome obstacles and in which you can have a happy life. La Tijuana de mis amores."

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