6 apps that will help you be more organized

Things are easier with technology

We all know that good habits are one of the things that cost us the most work, but luckily, our smartphone can be a great tool to help us change our lifestyle for good. These apps will help you achieve that goal.

1. Momentum

This app is available for iOS and OS X, so if you are an Apple user you can have this application on your phone or on your Mac. You can put all kinds of activities, from cleaning your inbox to running a marathon, but most likely you want to put intermediate things, such as doing some yoga or saving money for a trip.

As you meet the objectives you set, a chain will be generated, which will be broken at the moment you fail in any of the activities that you are supposed to carry out. The thing is that you stand firm and lengthen the chain as much as possible, otherwise it will break and you will literally see how all your effort goes down. It also works with the Apple Watch.

2. Google Calendar

Believe it or not, this app has evolved a lot and recently it is supported by one of the most important companies on the planet. It has everything you need to be organized.

Since some last updates, you can now set goals and have an option that accommodates your agenda so you have time to do what you like most: rest, dedicate yourself to a hobby or your family. The more you use Google Calendar, the app will learn your habits and automatically schedule them for you.

Available at Android, iOS y web.

3. HabitBull

This app is available for Android and iOS, and is the best to generate statistics about your habits. Of course, you can configure the objectives you want and you have the possibility to export your results in multiple formats.

You should know that this app has a notification system that you can modify, so you will always be aware of your achievements and goals.

4. Habitica

You can use this app on your Android, iPhone and even in your PC. But the most interesting of all is that this app will turn your life into a video game. The more you complete your routines and exercise, the more likely you are to level up and get rewards. In my experience, these types of apps are the best to keep going on your goals since it makes the journey a really entertain.

5. Goalify

Just as Habitica this app is available for iOS and Android. It helps you reach your goals through a dynamic game. You have the option of placing complex tasks, but you can also do it for simpler things. In exchange for a small subscription, you can get more out of it, but you can try its free version and see if it suits you.

6. Productive

This app is for iOS. It is the strictest of all, as it is designed to perfectly follow each of the objectives you set for yourself. The best of all is that at first glance it has a simple and pleasant design, but the possibilities are almost unlimited, since you have the option to select activities to do exclusively in the morning, afternoon or evening. Productive works in the Apple Watch.

*Source Qore

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