Why Should Brands Invest On Digital Marketing?

Here are 5 reasons

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Mexico's Internet Association Bureau (IAB) defines mobile marketing as the set of marketing actions through a device that allows advertisers to establish a convenient and personal communication with the user…

Because of this, it has become essential to redefine and create new relationship with mobile clients, creating an even bigger that traditional return of investment, given that it becomes more effective when creating a brand among digital marketing campaigns.

In Mexico, 64% of cellphone users have a smartphone while 90% of its population have just a cellphone, making the following strategies useful for everyone, regardless of their device.

These are the main Digital Marketing strategies:

1. SMS: Sending short messages that offer promos, discounts or an invite to download some sort of content.

2. QR Codes: Codes can be interpreted by a smartphone or tablet sending a determined action such as how to direct and URL or download an app.

3. Mobile Publicity: Hiring banners or displays on websites.

4. Marketing Proximity: This strategy includes Bluetooth and GPS-LBS. There proximity is based on client locations in order to offer them discounts or invite them to somewhere, i.e., through services such as Foursquare and most recently, Yelp.

5. Apps: A software component developed specifically for mobile device use. They offer a big quality interactive experience and give value.

These strategies have transformed into the ideal channel for a specific target. Why? Because they are the media to which the user is most exposed to (an average of 5 hours per day), turning our mobiles as part of our every day life, whether we give it value or utility.

Here, at eContact we know and take advantage of Digital Marketing by developing custom strategies where we can assure you'll have a direct and interactive towards your target. All of this with the possibility of monitoring every minute of your social media interaction.

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